USE-IT - Objectives

USE-IT is a central information integration and distribution system developed and operated by RAILDATA on request of the UIC's Combined Transport Group (CTG). CTG stated a strong need for monitoring of combined transport block trains. The railway undertakings and mainly their intermodal customers requested system to trace their (mainly container) trains in real time over the Internet or by directly tapping into their own IT tracking systems.
To cover this need, Use-IT provides train status information in real time to operators having contractually agreed on international combined transport block trains. A customer can use message forwarding (USE-IT message) and web user interface according to his specific needs.
This functionality is supported by the RTIS database (mentioned before within the context of ISR System). The own USE-IT database grants the access rights for management and train configuration.

Use-IT gives answers to the following questions:

  • Where is the train?
  • Is the train on time?
  • What is the deviation to the schedule?