USE-IT - History

  • UIC's Combined Transport Group, made up of 22 European railway companies, produced in 2002 a model that made it possible to follow in real time combined transport block trains on three pilot routes.
  • As the system gave satisfaction, CTG decided to extend the project and to design an information system that would make it possible for customers to trace trains (international combined transport unit trains) in real time over the internet or by directly tapping into their own IT tracking systems.
  • This system got name Use-IT (for Uniform System for European Intermodal Tracking and Tracing).
  • Through Use-IT, exchanging information is done thanks to the setting up of IT interfaces between the present systems of railway companies as well as between their networks and and the Use-IT application.
  • After a tendering process at the end of 2003, a provider was chosen to develop the system (Scope Consulting, Vienna).
  • After completion of the development phase, the application was installed and operated at the UIC headquarters in Paris.
  • More details are given in Use IT Presentation by Mr Lambert for the Rail Conference in March 2008 in Prague.
  • As implication of the Use-IT integration into RAILDATA structure, production of the Use-IT central application was transferred to RAILDATA computer centre (operated by LUSIS in Paris) in 2011.
  • In 2013, the Use-IT special assembly decided to develop new generation of the Use-IT tool. It aims to integrate this application into the RAILDATA platform, provide new and better functions and to use the new information sources.
  • In 2014, the old Use-IT application was replaced by completely new application, integrated with the ISR system and using the same platform.

Original (old) Use-IT tool was based on :

  • train reference data (mainly timetable data captured by railway companies via web application),
  • train movement information (reported real time by railway undertakings systems),
  • web application for consultation of actual train position and situaton over Internet,
  • interface for distribution of train position reports to systems of customers and railways.

You will find more information on the original the dedicated Use-IT web page:

USE-IT web