ORFEUS - Scenarios

The ORFEUS application supports several message exchange scenarios:

CTD Scenario (old one, to be abandoned):

  • Simple forwarding of consignment note data
  • Consignment note data is forwarded simultaneously to all participating railway undertakings.
  • In addition a paper consignment note has to accompany the transport.
  • This is the old traditional scenario, which is being replaced with ECTD or PCN/ECN scenarios.
  • The forwarding railway company collects data about an international transport (majority of the CIM consignment or CUV wagon note information)
  • Then its national system (NIS) sends the data to the CDS using the Create Transport Dossier (CTD) message.
  • A copy of the CTD message is sent by the CDS to all other railway undertakings involved in the transport. The CDS covers also filter function so the distribution rules may be adjusted.
  • If any change occurs with the consignment, railway undertaking which sent the CTD can send Update Transport Dossier (UTD) message. A copy of the UTD message is sent by the CDS to all other railway undertakings involved in the transport.

ECTD Scenario :

  • Scenario for message exchange is similar to the present CTD one, but it uses the new ECN message format.
  • It enables to transmit complete CIM/CUV note information content using the ECN format.
  • Only dossier creating carrier is allowed to communicate updates of the transport information) because it is not yet possible to determine carrier who is in the custody of the goods).

ECTD scenario

PCN Scenario :

  • Above the ECTD scenario, also the handover messages are added. So the central system is able to identify currently responsible carrier.
  • Therefore the carrier who is in the custody of the goods is allowed to apply updates to the transport information.
  • The information runs in parallel with paper consignment notes. Paper has preference over the information.

ECN Scenario :

  • Instead of a paper consignment note, an electronic consignment note, handled by the CDS of Raildata, accompanies the transport.
  • Messages are exchanged similar to the PCN scenario, but the paper consignment notes are skipped.
  • Therefore the information (messages) is the only and legally binding data source about consignments and their hand-overs.




ECN scenario


Currently RAILDATA works on two new concepts:

  • Simplified Scenario, which should enable parallel use of paper and electronic consignment notes, but in less complex way than present ECTD/PCN/ECN. Several simplifications are foreseen, i.e. confirmation messages ACK and NACK will be omitted. 
  • Support for Purchase & Sale concept - messages for for subsitute carriers (in CIM role 2). This could also cover the Consignment order message (COM) requirement of TSI TAF. Specifications are under discussion still.