ORFEUS - Next Steps

Migration from CTD to ECN message format

  • CTD is the oldest and obsolete message format and it does not allow to transmit all information from the CIM consignmnent resp. CUV wagon  note.
  • Therefore the members were aked to migrate to newer message format before end of 2016. 
  • Most of the members migrated already, just few are pending and should migrate asap.
  • ECTD, PCN and ECN message flows are realised in the ORFEUS application (all use the ECN message format just with another functional role).
  • It is requested to migrate at least to ECTD message and flow (if not directly to ECN/PCN flow, see below). 

Electronic Consignment Note implementations

  • ECN format in ECN flow is used between several partnes to run paperless transports already:
    • DBCDE and SNCF (for part of transports from France transit via Germany and vice versa (with print of consignment orders before leave of the "ECN area")
    • MRI and SNCF (for part of bilateral traffic).
    • CDC and DBCDE (for empty wagons between Czechia and Germany).
  • Other partners are expected to run paperless transports through ORFEUS too.

Geographical Extension

Other Railway Undertakings are going to join ORFEUS in near future:

  • HZ Cargo (Croatia) are also member of the ORFEUS assembly and receive messages from ORFEUS. They are expected to join ORFEUS production too.
  • RCA and DBCDE intend to migrate bilteral exchange of CIM/CUV data to ORFEUS, but they are wainting for the simplified message exchange scenario.
  • Doughters of DB Cargo outside Germany are being connected to ORFEUS through system of DBCDE, the intention is to cover all DBC subsidiaries. 
  • Several subsidiaries of other former national railways will also start use ORFEUS too.

Extending the service towards CIM/SMGS

CIM/SMGS ECN message is currently in preparation in cooperation with the Organization for Co-operation of Railways (OSShD) and several SMGS Railways. Target of this activity is to achieve a higher interoperability with messages already used by the shareholders of RAILDATA and the new CIM/SMGS ECN message.

RAILDATA participates on the work of dedicated working group UIC/OSShD. There are two options for the message format (IFTMIN in EDIFACT and ECN-based XMLmessage). However the message data content needs be specified first. RAILDATA did the comparison of all elements from both transport documents already.

Consignment note areas

TAF Consignment Order for Subcontracting RU

  • The current RU-RU oriented TAF data exchange for the "Consignment Order Message" is based on the ORFEUS ECN-xml message. Raildata will offer to generate and handle TAF messages for its partners.
  • A new flow and a subset type of ECN message is going to be developed to meet the new requirement, a flow for "Subcontracting". It will have to be guaranteed that is possible to provide a carrier with limited information to the transport, depending on its role.
  • This message is determined to serve in both ways, as a the "Consignment Order Message" within the framework of TAF-TSI and as a subcontracting message within the commercial scenario between RUs integrated in the ECN/PCN-scenario.

With the development of the consignment order message by RAILDATA the communication between railway undertakings (RU) within the frame of the TAF TSI is based on the ECN message now. Railways may take advantage of already existing structures and messages in order to roll out TAF TSI.

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Attached electronic documents

Latest development in ORFEUS allows to attach documents electronically to the ORFEUS message. Attachments are coded into a character string and decrypted at the receiver's side to pdf-format. Additional a mailing & web download process ensures the interoperability with older message versions. This new feature is implemented in the ECN message version 1.42.


Customer subset

RID-Telematic system

Raildata participates on the telematics working group of UNECE. The goal is the development of a paper independent transport of dangerous goods.

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