ORFEUS - Members

Some figures :

ORFEUS is in real and daily production. Consignment and wagon note data are exchanged between the "national systems" on a regular base, using the central application (CDS). It runs in computer centre in Aubervilliers with hot backup centre in Paris, both provided by LUSIS. Stability of both central system and national applications is excellent thanks to service management and redundancy of all components.

Huge number of consignment data is exchanged between the ORFEUS members, in example, some average volumes:

  • in total in average about 110 000 messages with consignment notes are sent by the members to ORFEUS each month,
  • in the opposite direction, similar (but bigger) amount of messages with consignment notes are sent by ORFEUS to the members 
  • ORFEUS processes more than about 2,7 million messages yearly.

Electronic Consignment Note:

DBCDE and SNCF Fret use the ECN format and flow for most of bilateral transports since 2014. They run paperless also transports from France transit via Germany and vice versa, with print of consignment orders before leave of the "ECN area" (it means mixed ECN and PCN scenario). Also MRI and SNCF use the ECN and ECTD flows in production from mid 2015. In October 2017, also CD Cargo joined ECN production with DBCDE (for empty wagons as first step).

Actual members :

The ORFEUS members use the consignment data for incoming traffic procedures. The following railway companies take part in the production now:

  • CD Cargo (Czechia)
  • CFL (Luxembourg)
  • Green Cargo (Sweden)
  • HZ Cargo (Croatia) - only receives messages 
  • Rail Cargo Austria (Austria)
  • DB Cargo Deutschland (Germany)
  • DB Cargo Scandinavia (Denmark)
  • DB Cargo Nederland
  • RENFE (Spain)
  • SBB Cargo (Switzerland)
  • LINEAS (Belgium)
  • SNCF Fret (France)
  • Mercitalia Rail (Italy)
  • Captrain (Germany and Belgium)

Countries where local "national" freight railway undertaking sends messages through ORFEUS central system are shown on the map below with blue colour.

Note: in addition, some doughter companies of DB Cargo (e.g. DBC RO, PL, IT and ECR) exchange consignment data via ORFEUS too through system of DBC DE.