New roles for wagons implemented in ISR

Basel, 25th October 2018

New rules for access to wagon movement information were successfully deployed to ISR production. New roles were defined: „Wagon Responsible“, „Keeper“ and „RSRD2“.

Wagon responsible is a Railway Undertaking, which is at certain moment commercially responsible for use of specific wagon. The source of this information is CoReDa (Commercial Responsibility Database), introduced also by Raildata on request from the UIC Wagon User Group. Wagon responsible have access to basic information about wagon status and position. Keepers of the wagon (who are same time members of Raildata and who provide lists of their wagons), may receive "mileage" information for their wagons. RSRD2 is new role for provision of "mileage" information for wagons, included in the RSRD2 wagon database. 

Introduction of these new rules enabled to abandon some old and no more appropriate methods of data access. It also enables to railway undertakings to maintain their (managed) wagon lists only once (in CoReDa).