New ORFEUS and ISR Web Sites

Basel, 28th November 2017

Raildata launched new ISR and ORFEUS web sites. Both are in testing and evaluation phase, using production data already. Production is expected yearly 2018.

New ISR web site will replace the existing web page, used by some member companies (e.g. DBCDE, RENFE and SBB) as main search tool for customer information. Old web is also used by experts to check information in the ISR database. Besides new modern design and technology it will offer improved search functions as well as results display. Because the old ISR web site is used by several hundreds persons, there will be a process to inform and teach them in advance, through "master users" and supported by Raildata staff. 

ORFEUS web site is completely new service for member companies, providing access to consignment data information and enabling to search with a number of parameters. Due to sensivity of the information, access is restricted and also strict access right rules for the information apply. New feature is so callen print module: it will be possible to display and download image of the CIM/CUV note (how the paper note would look like, based on the data stored).