SBB Cargo migrated to latest ORFEUS message version

Basel, 13th December 2017

Several message versions are used by the ORFEUS member companies in parallel still: CTD v.2, ECTD/ECN/ECN versions 1.31, 1.4 and the newest 1.42.

ORFEUS is able to receive, process and translate all these message versions. However, in conjunction with several flows (message exchange scenarios - CTD, ECDT, PCN and ECN) it makes the software rather complex and difficult to maintain as the number of different combinations is not small. Therefore the members are requested to migrate to the last version (1.42). Already in November 2014 it was decided that support of the oldest message format (CDT v.2) will terminate at the end of the year 2016. After this version is not maintained anymore, but since some companies did not migrate still, the CDT is in use still. 

After migration of DBCDE last year also GC moved to last version. Today, also SBB migrated to the latest version, same time they also implemented updates (all in ECTD flow). So the only pending members are RENFE (testing incoming direction already and with plan for outgoing direction in Q1 2018) and DBCSC (with plan for Q1 2018 too). So we believe to fully leave aldest message version before mid of 2018.

Leaving oldest version is also precondition for introduction of future version 1.5, which is under specification phase and which will incorporate all the new functional and content requirements:
- modified CIT specifications for electronic consignment note,
- change from successive carriage to subcontracting model
- support for Consignment Order Messages (TAF requirement)
- depending on decision of the customs authorities, it may be extended also with customs data.