CD Cargo joined ORFEUS production

Prague, 13th November.2015

While sending of messages from ORFEUS to CDC was opened on 16th October 2015 already, the other direction was switched into production on 13th November 2015.

CDC started sending of messages to ORFEUS using latest version of the message (ECN format 1.42).CDC implemented all three scenarios ECTD, PCN and ECN for receiving. For sending, PCN and ECN flows are implemented.

CDC uses the received consignment notes data mainly from DB Cargo intermodal and from several other railway undertakings (e.g. Trenitalia, SNCF, B-Logistics, Green Cargo or DB Cargo Polska). The data from CDC are first used mainly by Trenitalia, followed by some other partners. Paperless transports shall be possible from end of May 2016.