Raildata and TSI TAF

RailData is strongly involved in implementation of the TSI TAF (technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematics applications for freight subsystem of the rail system in the European Union). RailData also actively participates in the change process proposing several change requests for related functions. RailData helps its members and users to fulfil specific obligations of TSI TAF, which is EU law

TSI TAF has been published in the Official Journal (OJ) of the EU as Commission regulation No 1305/2014 of 11 December 2014 in all official EU members languages. English version of the text can be downloaded as PDF file here

Other related information can be found on the TAF TSI section of the Europen Union Agency for Railways  (EUAR) website. It includes also TAF TSI Technical Documents (TD's) and Data Catalogue. At the EUAR web site you can see also TSI TAF Masterplan, which is the basic schedule for TAF implementation at European railway undertakings, infrastructure managers, wagon keepers and other involved railway sector players.






European Union Agency for Railways (EUAR) also evaluated the compliance of the wagon event messages exchanged between the Railway Undertakings (RUs) using the ISR system, developed by RAILDATA against the official TAF TSI data catalogue. We are pleased to publish EUAR conclusion, issued in Valenciennes on 28th March 2018:

The tests performed by ERA based on agreement with RailData to validate the compliance of the ISR messages delivered satisfactory results. The organization RailData may therefore use the results of the assessment performed by ERA as a proof of the soft compliance of its own ISR wagon event messages from above chapters 4 and 5 against the TAF TSI data catalogue. As RailData’s ISR tool covers all 9 normal wagon event messages as described in chapters 4.2.7 and 4.2.8 of the TAF TSI, a compliance with the TAF procedures can be presumed as well.

For more detail you may see the attached Report.