Raildata and TSI TAF

RAILDATA is strongly involved in implementation of the TSI TAF (technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematics applications for freight subsystem of the rail system in the European Union). RAILDATA also actively participates in the change process proposing several change requests for related functions.

ECN in production between DBCDE and CDC

Frankfurt / Prague, 24th October 2017

The bilateral consignment notes data exchange between DB Cargo Deutschland and CD Cargo migrated to ORFEUS on 28th November 2016. Order management systems of both companies exchange CIM and CUV notes data via central ORFEUS broker using the ECN message format. In the first step, only the PCN flow was used, where data are sent in parallel to paper notes.

ISR data quality and access rules improvements

Basel, 28th November 2017

Raildata started initiative to improve ISR data quality and also to update the rules for access to ISR information. These are the main objectives for the planned activities for the next year. Of course the key factor for data quality are the ISR companies, providing the data. Anyhow, Raildata management and member represenatives will try to establish measures how to motivate companies to deliver needed and accurate data.