ISR - Next steps

Geographical extension

Some other railway undertakings intend to join the ISR system too:will

  • HZ Cargo (Croatia): connection realised in the direction from ISR to HZ Cargo, opposite direction is expected
  • PKP Cargo (Poland): in discussion

Companies with interest to join the ISR community may investigate possibilities of possible funding from the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

Migration to latest WSM version

  • The latest and most comprehensive WSM message version 5 is already realised in the central system.
  • It allows to transmit correct country (2 digits) and company (4 digits) codes, as well all types of new events and information blocks (e.g. about wagon mileage and about estimated latest time of arrival from X-Rail).
  • This version is used by a few members and is suggested for all newcomers to connect to ISR.
  • Pending members of ISR are invited to migrate from older WSM versions to the latest version 5.

Evolution of Wagon KM caculation function

  • Improvements of the (tested) tool for calculation of estimated km done ("mileage") by wagons
  • Integration of new mileage data sources, update of the distance tables
  • Starting of mileage delivery to additional ISR members
  • Ongoing pilot with UIP's RSRD2 wagon keepers database (provision of km per wagon per day).

Extension of the Web Manual Input

New functions are foreseen:

  • Wagon and train movement events can be captured and forwarded
  • Consignment note data can be captured, forwarded and the consignment note can be printed out