Users of RAILDATA services can be:

  • RAILDATA members under the conditions of the service agreement;
  • Other Railway Undertakings which have signed a “user-contract”;
  • Wagon keepers which have signed a “user-contract”;
  • Other companies which have signed a “user-contract”. In this case only, a decision of the RAILDATA General Assembly is necessary.

Customers of Railway Undertakings cannot have direct access to RAILDATA services as users. They can be served by any RAILDATA member or user. As an exception, intermodal operators which are authorised by a transport contract with a RAILDATA member can be users of the application Use-IT.

The user is required to accept and observe the following conditions:

  • RAILDATA quality standards,
  • the fee regime,
  • All other provisions stipulated by RAILDATA, particularly with regard to data protection, access rights and confidentiality.