RAILDATA is open to active UIC members (being railway undertakings) under certain conditions:

  • That they accept the present RAILDATA Internal Regulations and meet the corresponding financial obligations,
  • That they participate actively in the development and use of at least one of the IT services of RAILDATA.
  • That they are able to provide RAILDATA with the necessary data or enable their internal systems to do so within a compulsory timeframe.
  • That they use RAILDATA standard interface, common data catalogue, common code lists and common quality standards.

The company which wants to become a member has to provide RAILDATA with a written request for participation. There is no pre-described form to request membership. If you are interested to become a new member of RAILDATA, please contact RAILDATA Chairman, Mr Michael Pfitzner.

The membership is considered and in positive case confirmed by a decision of the RAILDATA General Assembly.
Non-UIC members may become members of RAILDATA under the same conditions, respecting the Internal Regulation of UIC n.3 Art. 4.1 and 4.2.

There are 13 European railway undertakings members of RAILDATA now. For an actual list of RAILDATA members, please see the Members Sites section.